14 Quick Tips To Prolong The Life Of Your Mobile Phone

If you wish to prolong the life of your cell phone, then you have to take some necessary precautions. The tips mentioned if followed diligently and religiously are bound to enhance the life of your precious handset. Some of these tips also imply to the battery, charger and other accessories of your handset.

Mobile PhoneTips To Prolong Your Mobile Phone’s Life

  1. Protect the screen of your handset with a screen guard. If possible cover it with a plastic or a leather casing.
  2. Charge the battery as per your will and do not go by the myth that a battery should fully drain before you plug it in to charge. This perception was when Nickel Cadmium and Nickel Hydrate batteries were in use. In today’s phones, Lithium Ion and Lithium Polymer batteries are used. Also you should ensure that you use an original and genuine battery.
  3. This implies to the charger as well. At least you go in for a good quality compatible one. Take extra caution with the accessories too because an incompatible one can extensively cause damage to your cell phone.
  4. Enabling the phone lock and also the PIN number of your SIM card will prevent your handset from being misused by anyone else. This will also ensure it from unauthorized use.
  5. Since most of the electronic gadgets are delicate, they should be handled with utmost care. Negligent handling and rough treatment may affect the motherboard inside. Avoid dropping or unnecessarily shaking your phone in particular.
  6. Always handle your cell phone with care. Rough treatment may damage the circuit board inside, so avoid dropping or unnecessarily shaking your phone.
  7. To clean your cell phone, just wipe it with a soft cloth. If need arises, you can use a mild detergent to clean the cover. Take precautions so that the detergent does not enter the handset through the openings.
  8. Always keep your phone in a cool, dry place and avoid high temperature areas. Be extra cautious to protect you phone during rains. Be extra cautious to protect you phone during rains.
  9. Keep your phone out of reach of children. In some cases, the data in your handset is more important than the phone.
  10. Never press hard on your display screen as it is possible that you might get a smudge or a blotted screen.
  11. If you ever give your phone for servicing or repairs, make sure that you give it at a authorized or trusted service center. Novices can cause irreparable damage to your handset.
  12. While placing the handset in your pocket make sure that you do not have any sharp objects in as it may damage the screen or even the body of your handset.
  13. Avoid keeping your handset in the back pocket of your pants or trousers as it may make you uncomfortable while sitting or even bend and damage your phone.
  14. If you are not revised with electronics, never try to open your handset on your own cause if something goes wrong then you will have to spend quite a bundle in repairs.
  15. Remember to keep your handset far off from other radio and magnetic devices.

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Additional Tip: Perchance if you drop the phone in water always remove the battery at the earliest and do not ever try to check the phone by switching it on.