5 Best On-Demand Mobile App Ideas to Execute in 2019

From Uber to Zomato, we live in the era of on-demand mobile apps. The On-Demand Mobile App Economy is developing at a rapid pace as various organizations are fulfilling the user’s demands by the quick provisioning of services and goods. This high popularity of the on-demand apps has led to many entrepreneurs are turning to the mobile platform looking for good app ideas to invest in.

App Ideas

Because On-Demand Mobile Applications can spare a ton of time and effort, users love them greatly. As per a survey by Pew Research Center, 72% of the population from developed nations is utilizing on-demand service mobile apps. Additionally, a survey by Harvard Business Review tells that the number of On-Demand Mobile App users is on the rise and they incorporate all the age groups.

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There are many types of on-demand app ideas that are successfully uplifting the online market. Most of these mobile apps are based on the ongoing demand for concierge services. The ideas include – beauty app, house cleaning app, car wash app, grocery app, car repair app, etc.

Be it android app ideas or iOS app ideas, in this piece, you will find all the emerging ideas.
Trucking App | A Great App Idea?

A trucking application will eliminate the requirement of third-party agents between shippers and truckers by setting up a direct connection. Furthermore, it will offer driving directions and pricing in real-time. Carriers can guarantee better shipment and booking experience by having an application for trucking. They can get new customers effortlessly and more business from the existing ones, developing their business at a quicker rate.

The application should consider the concept of the on-demand service of matching the customers to the drivers. It must calculate the cost based on the distance to be traveled, weight and size of the container. The principal goal of the application developer should be to develop the network of available transporters. You require detailed data of drivers, for example, – vehicle size, type, real-time location, and insurance information, etc. The application should function admirably, streamlining the delivery procedure.

App Ideas1

If you are planning to develop an On-Demand Mobile App for Trucking, you must include features like:

  • Map with detailed routing
  • List of accepted and ongoing orders
  • Real-time tracking of shipment
  • Push notifications about payments
  • Built-in chat with 24/7 customer support

Car-Wash App,A Million Dollar Mobile App Idea! 

On-demand car wash application will provide your clients the ease of ordering a car wash from home, whenever and at any place they require it. It will be a mobile application that will connect its application users to proficient mobile car washers for on-request service in any area. However, the idea is already executed in a few parts of Florida and New Jersey; it still has the potential to disrupt the car wash industry.

If you want to create an On-Demand Mobile App for Car-Washing, you should include features like:

  • Customer/Detailer Registration
  • Heat Map View
  • Push Notifications
  • Payment Integration
  • In-app chat/ voice call
  • Location Tracking
  • Cloud Management (to manage the app’s data in a secured manner)

Beauty Service App

If you are looking for the app ideas for your new venture, here is the one for you. Salons are getting customized to suit the client’s needs. With an on-demand Beauty application, users can request beautician for instant plans.

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Users will just need to sign up in the application and get an appointment with the beautician who will come to their place to do the job. This way the clients can get the beauty services at their own place within affordable prices. Beauticians can also earn effortlessly by taking up requests from the clients online. Customers are likely to spend money on the best salon services rendered and this is the best way to start a business for up and coming entrepreneurs.

If you want to create an On-Demand Beauty App, you should include features like:

  • Beautician’s Availability Toggle
  • Beautician Profile
  • Schedule Appointment
  • Geolocation
  • Payment Integration
  • Bill Estimation
  • Heat View In Admin

House Cleaning App Idea

The idea of On-demand apps had really given a mainstream upsurge to all the current business verticals. So for what reason would the people now take the overhead of looking for the cleaners? With this application, clients will simply need to sign up and tap the search cleaners’ button and the application will then list every one of the cleaners as required. Clients would then be able to send requests to them immediately.

Users will be able to select the sort of services they want. There can either be the cleaners who deal with the manual cleaning or there can be ones that are well-versed with the information of operating modern cleaning types of equipment like vacuum cleaners. Other than this the idea will also open up the doors for cleaners. They will now have the capacity to enroll with the application for finding out a new pool of chances in order to make high revenues.

If you want to create an On-Demand House Cleaning App, you should include features like:

  • User/cleaner Registration
  • One-tap Booking
  • In-app navigation
  • Multilingual
  • Online Invoicing & Billing Facility
  • GPS Tracking

This is one of the trending app ideas of today. With more and more people relying on on-demand apps on a daily basis, this app idea is one of the best for the people who are looking to step into this mobile app industry.