7 Best Free and Fresh Android Apps for April 2020

I love to try out new apps on my Android. Things get a little boring if I don’t have a fun or innovative app on my phone. And hence the quest to find new Android apps never ends. If you are like me who loves trying out such app, worry not, you are in luck. Every month, we compile a list of free and new Android apps on the Google Play Store for you.


These apps not only have the tag of new, but they also are innovative in their way. For instance, we have a new browser on our list that can quickly convert site content into audio files. Then there’s a cool customization app that lets you control the brightness of your phone’s screen simply by swiping on the screen.


Are you looking for an alternative browser to Google Chrome? If yes, you should certainly try out the Epic Privacy Browser. It bundles plenty of useful features and packs a clean and clutter-free interface.

One of the features that I liked most was the Audio Queue option. As the name implies, it converts a web post to an audio version. So, if you don’t want to read a long post or article, then click on the said option hidden under the three-dot menu.

Once done, pop in your earphones, tap on the Play button, and Voila! No more eye strain.


Footej 2 is the sequel to Footej Camera, one of the popular Android manual camera apps. The crux of this camera app is that it lets you play with manual camera options like ISO, Focus, and Exposure, among others. So, whether it’s a slow-motion video or a normal video, you can experiment with your heart’s content.

Moreover, the same options are also available for the front camera. It also bundles a gallery of its own

Footej 2 makes use of Android’s camera 2 API to do all the magic. If your phone doesn’t have the said API, it won’t function properly.

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If you are a school student, Google’s Socratic will be your new best friend. This educational app lets you take a picture of equations and shows you step-by-step solutions for it.


The only issue with installing new apps is that each one of them sends out tens of notifications on a single day. Yes, that new wallpaper app that you just installed, that will also bug you with new notifications every day. Annoying? Don’t get me started!

Well, say Hi to FilterBox.

As suggestive of its name, this app filters notifications to your phones. It lets you create rules for specific apps. For instance, if you would like to mute notifications of a particular Whatsapp Group between 8 in the morning and 6 in the evening, this app lets you do so.


If you love customizing your Android, you will love Super Status Bar for its quirks. This cool app brings swipe gestures to the area around the status bar of your phone. So if you want to lessen the brightness of your screen, you’d just need to swipe left on top of the screen. Cool, right?

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If you are looking for a simple and easy-to-use casting app, you can try out the aptly named Cast to TV Pro. The app is supported devices that come with Chromecast as well as Xbox One and Amazon Fire TV, among others.


Well, the name says it all. If you want to post long videos on your Instagram Stories and WhatsApp Status, this app will help you in splitting those videos into small clips.

Given the current Corona virus pandemic, WhatsApp has reduced the video length to 15 seconds to reduce the load on the internet. And now, you can only upload 15-seconds of video as status. So if you have a really exceptional video to share with your contacts, this app will help you bridge the gap.

And the good thing is that it’s not just restricted to match equations. You can check out Chemistry, Algebra, and Geometry equations too. Just tap on the required option on the home page, add in your questions, and the solution will be presented to you.