7 Best Gaming Mouse Pads For 2020 (That Pro Gamers Use)

Mouse If you’re serious about gaming or just want your Mouse to glide better, this guide is absolutely made for you. This is not just another article which simply lists various products and compares them, we will actually check out the Mouse Pads Professional Gamers use every day.


We will also go through different types of MousePads available and the material they are made of. Lastly, I’ll help you in choosing the one which fulfills your requirements and you won’t have to worry about spending too much cash.

So, before we go through this list, let me answer a few questions that will clear some questions that might be on your mind.

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Is a MousePad Really Necessary?

With the new generation mice having an optical or a laser sensor, using a mousepad is completely optional. Most of them should work just fine on any flat surface. But when it comes to gaming, we require faster movements and better control and this becomes particularly important in FPS Games.

Obviously, a Mouse Pad cannot improve your aiming, but it can certainly assist you in gradually improving your skills. Also, a Mouse Pad may prevent wear and tear on both the mouse’s bottom surface as well as on your desk.

Benefits of Using a MousePad

One of the biggest benefits is that it improves the accuracy and control over the mouse. And you will feel the difference right away. This is possible because it is specifically built to control the behavior of the mouse’s tracking sensor.

Secondly, Mousepads have a smooth surface that reduces friction. Thus the mouse slides more and it will allow you to do faster movements.

Lastly, keeping your wrist on it can feel a more relaxing than the surface of your desk. This is especially true is the case of mouse pads with a soft surface. We will talk more about the different type of surfaces in the next section.

Types of Mouse Pad Surfaces

a) Control-Type

The control type offers the highest precision in aiming. If you need better control over your mouse then this is the one that you should go for.

A Control-Type is actually slightly rough and thus it offers more friction as compared to Speed-Type. For Snipers, the Control-Type Mat will be a great choice. For beginners, I’ll recommend this type of surface.

b) Speed-Type

The Speed-Type surface is smoother and the mouse glides way more than the Control-Type. You’ll have to put lesser force to move it on a Speed-Type surface. For FPS games like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and faced paced games like Fortnite: Battle Royale, I’ll recommend the Speed-Type surface.

Material Used in Mouse Pads

Broadly speaking, we can divide these materials into 2 categories:

a) Soft Material

A soft mousepad is generally made from some kind of cloth. And these types of mats can easily be folded and are easy to carry. But at the same time, they are harder to clean. As they are made of cloth, they won’t cause any noise during usage. They generally don’t work too well for mice with a laser sensor. But they work great with optical sensors.

b) Hard Material

As you might have already guessed, it is the exact opposite of the soft one. It is made up of a textured polymer. Of course, you can’t fold them but the cleaning part gets easier. It works great with both the Optical as well as the Laser Sensor. They are a bit loud due to the hard surface but it should be fine as long as you’ve headphones with good noise isolation.

Type of Mouse Sensors

As I already mentioned, you’ll need to choose the surface depending on the type of mouse you use.

Optical Sensor: Works great with both Hard and Soft Surfaces.

Laser Sensor: They offer higher precision than the optical sensors but can cause jitters with soft pads. They require hard material to function optimally.

Here’s a great article from PC Gamer, that explains the differences between a laser and optical sensor based Mouse.

In-Game Sensitivity and Mouse DPI

If you prefer playing at high DPIs, I’ll recommend you getting Hard Mouse Pad. Depending on the mousepad you choose, you might need to increase or decrease your in-game mouse sensitivity to get better results.

Size of Mouse Pads

Manufactures usually classify the size of their mouse pads in three different categories. If the size is too small, you will have to play at higher sensitivities.

a) Mini/Small: They are suitable for normal usage but not for any productivity task. Most of the Small Mouse Pads come with a Wrist Rest and it makes them comfortable to use for long hours. Also, they are the cheapest ones that you can get. But these are way too small and not recommended for gaming.

b) Normal: This is the ideal size for gaming as it offers enough room for the mouse movements. Most of the popular gaming mouse mats fall into this category.

c) Extended/Large/Extra Large: The extended ones are too big and can hold both the keyboard and the mouse. You can go with it as well, it’s always about personal preference. But from the point of view of gaming, I feel that the normal sized ones are more reliable.


A good base prevents a mousepad from slipping or accidentally moving it while gaming. Most of them have a rubber base that keeps them stable.

Wrist Rest

The majority of the gaming mouse pads don’t come with a wrist rest. But still, they are some good choices available that have a wrist rest and offer a decent gaming experience. AmazonBasics Gel Mouse Pad is a really good choice.

SteelSeries QcK+

SteelSeries QcK+ is a very popular choice among gamers. It is suitable for both the experienced players and the newbies.

Many of the professional CS: GO, Overwatch, and Dota 2 gamers prefer the Qck+.


It offers decent speed as well as good control. Coming to the design, there is nothing too fascinating here. The design is simple and it should look good on any kind of computer desk. It is made of a high-quality cloth surface which is nearly frictionless.

Hence, not only the mouse glides faster but it is easier to stop as well. It has a high thread count which improves the tracking and accuracy significantly.

It has a rubber base at the bottom which prevents it from slipping. Lastly, it offers great value for its price. The only problem that I observed it is that the sides may start to unwoven after an extended period of usage. But considering its price, such minor issues are acceptable.


The ZOWIE G-SR is another soft pad that gives great gaming experience. The surface is even and smooth that offers steady movements with great control. It is very much like the QcK+ in terms of performance.

They have redesigned the rubber base and it offers a lot more stability. So, you won’t have to worry about it sliding. It also doesn’t fray out from the sides. Both accuracy and speed can be achieved using this one.

In terms of design, I feel that it looks a lot better than the Steelseries QcK+. The glide is also consistent across the surface.

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Corsair MM600 Dual Sided

Corsair is offering a lot of options for mousepads. There are many options available like MM100 (Soft Surface), MM200 (Soft Surface), MM300 (Anti-Fray Cloth Surface), MM400 (Hard Surface)  and the MM600. The MM600 is a Dual-Sided Mouse Pad and the best among them.

On one side, it provides better control and on the other, it provides great speed. If you prefer to use different surfaces for different games, this is the perfect deal you can think of.

Also, if you’re buying a mousepad for the first time and not so sure that which kind of surface will suit you, better go with the MM600 which offers both in the same package.

Due to the hard surface, it offers the best accuracy for laser mice. In terms of looks, it looks elegant even with a minimalistic design. However, it also costs a lot more. If you just need the Speed-Type Hard Surface, better go with the MM400 and save some bucks.