Top 8 Tips for Mobile Marketing Association

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1. Use Short Messaging Services, Voice Messaging Services effectively

When it comes to mobile marketing association, the mass medium is the short messaging service (SMS) and Voice Messaging (VM).  A mobile phone is basically intended for voice calls and SMS and hence that continues to be the most cost-effective method used by marketers to reach a wide audience.  There is a restriction on the number of characters that can be sent through SMS and the best time for delivery would be in the afternoon and evening when they take a break from work or ready to go home after a day’s work.  Big discount offers, loans at special interest rates, new housing projects, the launch of new retail outlets, new products are usually marketed through SMS.

The conversion rate for SMS would depend on the text, offers made, call-to-action scenarios and how much targeted the message is.  For example, an ayurvedic cure for hair fall, or a wellness clinic based on traditional medicine may have little relevance if it goes a doctor of modern medicine or to a group of people who have no confidence in traditional medicine. Similarly, the opening of a new two-wheeler showroom or a new bike launch may have little relevance to a car owner who never rides a two-wheeler. ‘Free counseling and advice to go to Canada message may land up with some user who has no desire to go abroad for studies or migrate to Canada.

In Voice messaging, a mobile user gets a call and when he receives it, an automated message is played  such as an offer of a personal loan from a leading bank, free share trading and DEMAT account with a securities broker,  or it could be an ad requesting demo of a new consumer product to be launched in the market. There is a ‘call-to-action’ in these campaigns, either they have to press a particular number if they have to avail the offer or facility or press another number to decline.

The trouble with voice messaging is that it appears as a normal voice call and it could irritate people if they are done too frequently across networks. It could force consumers to choose the do-not-disturb option. Yet for marketers looking to reach their promotional message to a wide audience at a cheaper cost, there is perhaps nothing to beat SMS and VM, although sales conversion may be proportionately low. It is, however, useful for getting customer feedback which is an invaluable source of data for companies to improve their performance.

However, SMS and VM are great ways to keep in touch and engage with existing customers. It could be an update on reward points, the next free service or visit, news about a product or outlet launch. Or it could be about an expiration of warranty period and a reminder about signing up for the extended warranty. This way the marketer shows they value the customer and his feedback.

2. Have mobile sites and mobile apps

Many corporates have websites but not many may be having mobile marketing association sites. With internet users scattered over the desktop, laptop, and mobile phone access it makes sense to have a mobile site and also make the website mobile friendly with vertical scrolling which makes it easier for mobile users to swipe down and see the inside sections.

It is estimated that there are over 1.6 million mobile apps for Apple and Android users. Users download apps from Google Store but may uninstall at least a few per month due to lack of storage, due to low usage, or finding a better app for the same purpose, as per a US survey of about 2600 smartphone users.

It is important to understand that mobile apps should enable users to be hassle-free and engage them to gain benefits from developing it.

In banking, mobile apps allow existing customers to apply for loans, top-ups and even make a query about a transaction. Similarly, cell phone users are able to change their tariff plans, request a new internet data pack in a much easier way than going to the nearest customer service center.

However, there is a misconception that it is a must to develop a mobile app to succeed in mobile marketing association. It is far from true as many mobile apps that are not relevant or useful to a wider audience gets downloaded, used once or twice and then discarded.

if your customers are willing to share their mobile location data, location-based targeting can be done with mobile marketing association campaigns in India. If you have been searching for a new Ford car model online, and in few days you pass by a Ford showroom, you may be alerted on your mobile about the nearest place where the models are on display or available for test drive. It is possible for the app to map your kilometers traveled and alert you on the next service due or the change of engine oil.
Or if you have been searching for a sports bike that is available only in a particular location of a dealer, the moment you are near to it, you may get an SMS alert to visit the showroom and place an order.

There are numerous examples of mobile apps that enable convenience and personalized service thereby getting more business for the company. iBeacon is a geofencing tool of Apple that enables apps to link your location, history, buying interests to alert you with a precision-strike push notification. You are into Roller Skating and there is an upcoming event, a sports accessories app can alert you to the nearest outlet that gives headgears at a 50% discount. Kayak, a US-based firm that provides air, car and hotel bookings at the cheapest rate worldwide, has an app that informs you when the price of a flight ticket you have been following has fallen to the lowest level. If you proceed to book the ticket, it will alert you about the lowest taxi fares available in the region, or help you in choosing the cheapest room bookings. This kind of personalized service can create loyal customers and hence more useful than conventional marketing.

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4. Use a variety of messaging options for customer service

Mobile telephony enables to use of a variety of options including short messaging, voice messaging, apps and push notifications. This can greatly enhance the customer experience and lead to repeat business. It is possible to get customer preferences regarding mobile communication they prefer- either in the form of apps, location targeting, SMS and so on.

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5. Make content interesting and engaging

Unlike email, mass media campaigns, the mobile marketing association promotions are short but that doesn’t mean the marketer can ignore the quality of the text, image or video used. Try to keep the messages short and relevant to the target group. Personalised content and context are very important.  During summer vacation, it makes sense for travel apps, educational and leisure companies to target the audience that is looking for value for money, how to spend time meaningfully and productively which includes children and parents.

6. Mobile is the way to make social media marketing get more reach

A US survey a few years ago revealed that more percentage of users of Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest access them on the mobile. This goes on to prove that social media shares would happen better with mobile devices than the web.

7. Mobile site download speeds and call-to-action

As there is tremendous competition in the mobile space, it is very important to ensure that your mobile site loads up quickly and downloads are fast. Or else the users may go to other sites that are faster and more efficient.

8. Video messaging Apps, a trendsetter for the future

Video messaging apps could be the trend of the mobile marketing association future if the popularity of Snapchat is any indication. It has 100 million active users and fifty percent of them use it daily. The app was launched in 2011 for sending private photos that disappear after sending but it now provides news stories and money transfer facilities too.

Snapchat users use the app to see videos, photos and share them- about six billion videos are watched on a daily basis. Marketers are opening up to the possibility of using it for marketing too. A survey showed that 30% of media planners, brands, ad agencies were considering Snapchat for their SuperBowl campaigns. As of now Snapchat users primarily use primarily use it to watch and share video and not to use its news feed. They are less likely to buy anything available on Snapchat nor watch celebrities in it.
In social media, Facebook and Twitter are popular for video ads on the mobile. It is possible for videos to be played natively in their mobile apps and FB has an autoplay facility for video making it an attractive option for marketers.