What are the best social media advertising solutions?

solutions There’s no doubt that social media advertising solutions have caused a positive impact for businesses regarding attracting new customers and increasing customer loyalty through targeted optimized social media ads within each business budget limits offering more and more chances for business growth rapidly.


Digital advertising solutions enable all types of businesses to target and reach a specific segment of ideal potential or current customers suitable for the adverting campaign goals which leads to higher engagement with your business ads with much less advertising budget required.

Social Media Advertising Advantages

When it comes to digital advertising campaigns, there’re many competitive advantages offered once you decided to invest in paid cost-effective advertising campaigns on suitable digital marketing platforms especially social media marketing platforms.

Whether you decide to run your business ads on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter or another social media platform, there’re common social media advertising advantages which are:

  • Multiple detailed targeting options to reach potential ideal customers based on their demographics, interests, behavior, online activity or uploading custom audience from your customers’ data lists leading to highly engaged ads
  • Higher Customer loyalty percentage with multiple retargeting options offered
  • Customized campaigns aligned with your campaigns goals whether increasing the brand awareness, generating more leads or achieving more sales
  • Many optimization options regarding the campaign placements, the displaying schedule, the spending of allocated budget and the ad formats customization
  • Different budgeting options aligned with the campaign goals including cost per click “CPC”, cost per impressions “CPM” and cost per acquisitions “CPA”
  • Affordable digital advertising options and the opportunity to reduce the advertising cost for only quality engaged ads

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How to choose the best social media advertising options?

The most critical decision related to launching paid ads on social media marketing channels is to choose the most suitable social media advertising platform to reach and engage with your business customers within the limits of allocated social media advertising budget.

There are main factors to be considered when choosing the best social media marketing channel for running your business ads which are:

  • The activity of targeted potential customers on chosen social media platforms
  • The engagement level of targeted audience with paid ads on each platform
  • Social media advertising costs for each platform compared to the expected ROI
  • The availability of suitable campaign type, ad formats and placements to the campaign goals and the targeted audience engagement preferences
  • The availability of effective optimization options for advertising campaigns
  • The usefulness of available performance reports for driving better results

The cost of running paid ads on a social media platform is not the only critical factor to consider when you choose a specific platform to run your business ads and that’s why we will discuss the main advantages and disadvantages of social media advertising campaigns on the most popular social media channels.

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The most effective social media advertising channels are:

Facebook Ads

97% of businesses that launch digital advertising campaigns depend on Facebook advertising solutions to target and reach their ideal customers taking advantage of the wide network of active users on Facebook.

Instagram Ads

Instagram advertising campaigns are one of the highest engaging social media advertising solutions as they take advantage of highly engaged visual ads including photo ads, short video ads and story ads to display the campaign message creatively and to encourage the targeted audiences to perform the desired actions.

Twitter Ads

Twitter Ads are an affordable social media advertising choice due to low steadily increasing competition from businesses as Twitter advertising solutions are efficient underutilized digital advertising options.

LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn marketing and advertising solutions are more business-oriented which makes LinkedIn ads suitable social media advertising choice for B2B advertising campaigns targeting other businesses, decision-makers, and professionals for B2C advertising campaigns.

Pinterest Promoted Pins

Pinterest promoted pins are conversion-optimized social media advertising options that provide less disturbing advertising experience for targeted Pinterest users as they blend in with organic content “pins” in the home feed or in related search results.

Snapchat Ads

Snapchat ads are perfect choice for effective social media advertising campaigns that targeted younger audience espec