What Hap­pens When You Report Some­one on WhatsApp

What There are several ways to filter your conversations with people on WhatsApp. If someone keeps sending a bunch of offensive, hateful, or obscene content that you aren’t comfortable with, WhatsApp will let you block or report them. You can even do both. We have an expository guide on blocking people on WhatsApp and what happens afterward. In this post, we’ll reveal all that happens when you report someone on WhatsApp.


The Report feature was introduced about five years ago to help WhatsApp identify people using the instant messaging platform to spread spam and malicious content. Rumors, fake news, hoax messages, etc., are examples of content that WhatsApp categorizes as spam. If you constantly receive any of these from someone on WhatsApp, you should report them. And if the spam content is being distributed in a group chat, you can report the group too.

In the section below, we’ll share with you about what happens when you report someone or a group on WhatsApp.

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When you want to report someone on WhatsApp, you are presented with two options: ‘Report’ only and ‘Report and Block’. We’ll explain how both options work and their after-effects in the sections below.

As soon as you hit that ‘Report’ or ‘Report and Block’ button, your recent interactions with the reported number would be sent to WhatsApp for investigative purposes. Let’s proceed to answer some common queries that you might have about what happens next.


Reporting a group is also very similar to reporting an individual. So when you want to report a group, WhatsApp presents you the same two options: ‘Report’ and ‘Report and Exit’. When you chose ‘Report and Exit’ you’ll leave the group and a complaint will be sent to WhatsApp about the group’s activities simultaneously. That means you will no longer be a participant/member of the group. Consequently, the group (and the group’s messages) will also be deleted from your phone.

The Group Will Be Monitored

This is also similar to reporting an individual. When WhatsApp receives a report about a group’s potentially disturbing activities, then the reported group will be placed under close watch. WhatsApp might not necessarily take any action against the group immediately. The group might still continue to exist and remain functional even after you report it.

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The Group Might Be Deactivated

So, what then happens to a group spreading misinformation and other spam messages? Is reporting the group any effective? Well, only when more members or participants report the group as spam. If WhatsApp finds a group guilty of spamming people after receiving numerous reports, the company will most likely deactivate the group.

What Happens to the Group Members

Nothing happens to the group members. They won’t be banned and no punishment/sanction would be meted out to them either. All members of a deactivated group will no longer be able to send or receive messages in the reported group.


Reporting someone who is bugging you with incessant spam-like content on WhatsApp is the right thing to do, particularly from an unknown number. By doing that, you are sending a signal to WhatsApp that the person is a spammer. WhatsApp will then decide whether or not to ban the person/number based on the outcome of its investigations. If the person keeps spamming you with unwanted messages, you should proceed to block them. And if it’s a group, you should exit the group for your sanity.